Try our unique blend of experience
and enthusiasm!

How we work

Tired of heavy project management of huge IT companies unable to adapt to your ever changing business requirements?

Too afraid to take a risk with a small outsourcing actor out of nowhere?

Still looking for a no-risk-yet-no-bureaucracy delivery team?

We master the formal methodologies but we know the project reality. We never go crazy but we adapt to your corporate structure and culture.

Our managers have vast and documented experience in a large range of "project situations": We have handled fully PMBoK compliant projects as well as Extreme Project Management agile ones. Do not hesitate to ask us for details - it will be our pleasure to present you complete customer cases.

Remember, we do learn from every project we are involved in. We update our methodologies continually. From initial project business meetings to ongoing support, we have been helping many customers achieve their goals.

Who we are

  • As one of our customer has put it: BLUETOMATION is a „unique blend of experience and enthusiasm”. The company itself is a classical startup with great working atmosphere and as litlle corporate overhead as possible. However, the people behind the company are experienced project managers, developers and consultants. We have background in both heavy corporate environments and startups (both failed and succesful ones!).

    We have worked across Europe in multi-cultural teams. We are based in Gdansk, Poland and we can move to any location in Europe and take responsibility for projects in English, Polish, French or German.

    Our documented experience gives our customers the most important thing they want: the security that the project will be handled with as less risk as it is possible.

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